A reputation built on delivery. On trust. On our promise

There’s no denying the fact. It’s been tough out there. Tough for everyone.
And many of our competitors, many of our clients even, have fallen by the wayside. Cut down by the recession. Gone.

That you fought through, that we’re still standing too… it speaks volumes. Of both our ability to adapt, of our determination, to not only survive adversity, but to tackle it head on – to beat it. Of our sheer will to be the very best in our industry.

And that’s why we’re still here. Why you’re here. Because we’re tough.

Because we’re made of the same stuff.

Like yours, our reputation has been hard won. A reputation built on delivery. On trust. On our promise. A promise of value. Upholsterers, joiners, machinists as skilled in their art as in fulfilling that promise.

And because we’re not so different, because we understand your world intimately, the pressures your clients put you under, the crushed timelines, the universal demand for quality. And because for more than 32 years and over hundreds of projects we’ve helped countless designers and contractors, people just like you, turn fixed seating from hassle to joy, you’ll understand that our promise is genuine. Sincere.

More than a naive desire to help you do better business it’s a promise is based on a proven ability to help you do better business.

The sweet spot. The intersection. Where great quality meets great price. X marks the spot. Marks value.

We’d love to meet you there.

It’s here –  0800 625 0256